Frequently Asked Questions

Your concerns and inquiries are very important to us, if you think you need further answers feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

  1. If I still have loan on my timeshare contract, can I still sell it?

    In order to resell or transfer a timeshare which is still under financing, the pay off balance must be cleared before the timeshare sales process can be finalized.

  2. If I originally purchased from a Resort can I resell my timeshare?

    Yes, regardless of when or where you purchased your timeshare, you are entitled to resell it.

  3. Do I have to pay the maintenance fees or any taxes before the sale can be completed?

    Maintenance fees need to be up to date until the selling process of the timeshare to be sold is completed.

  4. Can I resell my timeshare if I lost my deed?

    Yes, the closing company you choose can contact the county courthouse in which your timeshare is located to recover the deed.

  5. How long will it take to resell my timeshare?

    No one can accurately determine a specific length of time within which your property will sell. There are many factors that will influence the resale of your timeshare including location, resort quality, flexibility of usage, season, demand and of course price.